2nd Hippo Pathway Targeted Drug Development Summit 2023

Bringing Clinically Validated TEAD, YAP & TAZ Modulators to Patients Faster

The 2nd Hippo Pathway Targeted Drug Development Summit was the first and only industry-led forum, uniting a community focussed on progressing the functional understanding and realizing the potential of the Hippo signaling pathway to enhance the discovery, translation and clinical development of safe and effective drugs in oncology, regenerative medicine and beyond.

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Welcoming a host of exciting new Hippo Pathway leaders like YAP TherapeuticsBeacticaAB, and Sporos Bioventures

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Broadening the Hippo pathway toolbelt with discussions beyond TEAD Palmitoylation inhibition, in areas like TPD and YAP/TAZ modulation with talks from Harvard Medical Universityand Stanford.

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Exploring commonly shared struggles such as identification of biomarkers, characterization of TEAD isoformsfor specificity all with the aim of subverting toxicity

The Hippo Pathway Targeted Drug Development Summit was a great opportunity to learn more about the recent advances in the Hippo field” – Senior Scientist, Translational Oncology, PNV Pharmaceuticals

2022 Attendee Snapshot:

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